We're excited to announce that ThreadKM will be appearing on October 9th at LawTech in Atlanta.

During this first-ever legal technology conference, we'll be unveiling ThreadKM's vision of modern lawyering. We think ThreadKM will change the way attorneys share ideas, and more importantly, help them embrace a better, more collaborative way of working. Dozens of the attorneys, law firm information managers, and legal technologists have already seen this vision and are excited about what it means for them.

Here's what I'll be speaking about at the Conference:

Collaboration and Knowledge Management - What Firms Can Learn from Software Developers

Lawyers and software developers are valuable knowledge workers who provide critical services in the modern economy. But while lawyers struggle to keep pace with the growing volume of information, projects, and email, software developers have thrived. How have they done it? And what can lawyers learn from them? We'll look at the tools and processes that software developers use, and how ThreadKM is bringing those same advantages to lawyers.

We'll see you there!