ILTA just released the schedule for its annual legal tech convention, ILTACON 2015. The convention, which runs August 30 through September 3, brings together the best people, ideas, and companies to share updates on technology and the experiences of adapting law firms to a rapid pace of change.

This year, ILTA selected ThreadKM to present the featured "hands-on" interactive session, an annual favorite among attendees.

"It's a huge honor to present on legal knowledge collaboration for the ILTA membership," said Dan Hauck, CEO of ThreadKM. "They were looking for a product that would be interactive and available on the devices that people already bring to the show - smartphones, tablets, laptops... ThreadKM is made for that."

The hands-on session will feature demonstrations of how lawyers can build, share and retrieve knowledge more effectively than they do today. With an emphasis on mixing team chat and project management, attendees will see the how these new, real-time technologies can re-shape the workflow of law firms.

"Most communication and project management is being done in email, which we all have too much of," said Hauck. "This is an opportunity to experience firsthand what the new paradigm of collaboration looks like."

The presentation is scheduled for Thursday, September 3 at 9am. For those who can't wait until then, visit you can schedule a demo to learn more or sign up today and see ThreadKM in action.