The 2014 ILTA conference happened last week in Nashville, and like every year, it brought together many of the best and most influential members of the legal technology community. Education sessions offered unique insight into the everyday challenges of legal IT and provided a forum for discussing the industry trends and best practices. I was happy to see my former firm, Bryan Cave LLP, and colleagues, Joy Holley and John Alber, earn multiple recognitions during ILTA's Distinguished Peer Awards on Tuesday night.

Of course, ILTA provides a great opportunity for vendors, too. Microsoft announced its new "Matter Center" platform aimed toward the legal market, which got mixed reviews among visitors we spoke with. Many of the other vendors were touting advancements and upgrades to their existing products.

A lot of attendees we spoke with said they came to ILTA looking for something new..."the next big thing." And, generally speaking, they were underwhelmed. But those that signed up for the exclusive preview of ThreadKM shared a different view.

ILTA attendees who met with us received a private demo of ThreadKM in advance of its launch later this year. In return, we got incredible feedback about the product and a level of enthusiasm we never expected. Here's a rundown of our ITLA experience:

  • 31 Private Demos. Each demo lasted anywhere from 10 minutes to a full hour. The smallest firm we met with has approximately 30 full-time attorneys while the largest has over 2,500 attorneys. We also met with several representatives from corporate law departments, plus a couple of industry consultants.

    The number of people who signed up to check out ThreadKM astonished us. But more impressive than the number was the caliber of demo participants - we drew a significant number of conference speakers, as well as representatives from some of the best firms around the globe.

    In short: those who demoed ThreadKM were among the thought leaders of the industry. They are committed finding the best and newest tools, and they were excited about ThreadKM.

  • Reactions and Feedback To give a few examples of what we mean, here are some quotes from demos last week:

    • "You guys get it. This is exactly what we've been looking for."

    • "Wow. There's nothing on the exhibit floor like this."

    • "We've looked at everything...Our department wants to deliver something that attorneys will use, and this is it."

  • 17 Requests for Immediate Follow-ups with Colleagues. Equating to a conversion rate of over 50%, people from 17 of the 31 demo sessions asked us to get in touch with them immediately after ILTA. In some cases, they had been looking for something exactly like ThreadKM - they just hadn't found it until now. Among those not included in that figure were attendees who requested a follow-up later this year but currently are engaged in extensive IT projects (DMS transitions, MS Office upgrades, Sharepoint projects) and consultants who would not be purchasers themselves.

  • Zero Downtime. Despite showing a pre-release product, ThreadKM performed flawlessly throughout the week and never experienced any failures or downtime. We're committed to building a rock-solid product, and the performance at ILTA underscored our approach.

Overall, ILTA was a huge success for ThreadKM. We'll be following up with those who requested it soon. But if you missed your chance to check out ThreadKM while in Nashville, you can email me to set up a webinar at your firm.