If you've never been - and if you have any interest in legal technology - go to ILTA. Although ILTA is technically the hosting organization's abbreviation (the "International Legal Technology Association"), most people who say it are talking about the conference held every year in August. It's where the leaders in the industry go to network, check out new products, and learn from any of the dozens of educational sessions going on all week.

This year, the conference is being held in Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland Conference Center and Resort. (ILTA's conference returns to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas every other year.) Judging by the session titles, it also looks to be an interesting lineup of educational content.

Many sessions appear confront the reality of what happens when technology doesn't deliver:

Of course, legal technology is a tough environment to work in. When attorneys leave work and go home, they use and love a distinctly different set of applications: Dropbox, Gmail, Skype, etc. Many firms are struggling with how to deliver applications that are on par with those experiences. Yet law firms are also saddled with the legal, ethical, and regulatory compliance burdens that make most of those applications infeasible for legal work.

Our mission at ThreadKM is to create an experience that bridges the work-home gap.

This is only my second year of attending ILTA, so there are plenty of vets who can offer better advice. But here's a few bits of wisdom:

  1. Stay agile. There's lots to see and do while you are at ILTA. But no matter how much you plan ahead of time - and planning is good - be prepared to go off-script to take a meeting, follow up with a speaker, or grab drinks with a new friend. And speaking of being "agile," there's a session for that, too!
  2. Talk to your neighbor. When you are at breakfast, attending a session, or even if you are a vendor standing in a booth all day, don't be afraid to say "hi" and "what do you do?" to the person next to you. If you've been living in legal technology for a while, you know that it's often an isolated field. Take advantage of meeting folks who will have a lot in common with you.
  3. It's only a few days. And it goes by quick. While it's tempting to retire early after a long day of sessions and meetings, remember that this event only happens once a year, and the chance to meet the next lifelong colleague or great business opportunity might be at the next happy dinner or happy hour. So don't miss it!
  4. Sign up to see ThreadKM. Self-serving, much? Yes, but considering it's the best new product at ILTA, you'll be happy you did.

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